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Services & Products - health and safety

Initial & Ongoing Health & Safety Study


The comprehensive safety study we have developed is used to review compliance to relevant regulations. The review is used where systems are already in place and require review and where a new or growing business is starting to implement safety management from scratch.

The outcome of the study is a full report of current status including data, comments, summary and recommendations. This includes a review of your Health and Safety Policy.

We will also produce a complete action plan to detail how recommendations can be met.

Health and Safety Policy and Policies and Procedures


Where an organisation has five or more employees the Health and Safety At Work Act requires there to be a documented Health and Safety Policy in place.  We support our clients to create and develop their policy including arrangements.

We are also able to offer a policy and procedures writing services for all relevant health and safety items.

Template & Bespoke Documentation


We have developed a catalogue of documents to be used within a safety management system.  

These include policies, procedures, check sheets, risk assessments, safety data systems and reporting and investigation documents.

We create bespoke workplace inspections and audits that will help you monitor and review workplace safety and your safety management system.

All templates are of a high quality and have been tried and tested.

These products can save employers valuable time.

Advice & Guidance


Where a business is exposed to specific high risk hazards additional support in controlling these may be required.

We can offer a thorough review of specific hazards and provide support and guidance and help give peace of mind that hazards are effectively controlled and are so within relevant health and safety regulations.

Risk Assessments


Where an employer has five or more employees they are required to have documented risk assessments in place. We can support you with risk assessments in all areas. From task specific, manual handling, COSHH assessments, chemical handling and storage, work at height, fire risk assessment and many more. We will identify hazards, persons who may be affected, control measures required and risk ratings. Not only can we write your risk assessments, we can train them out to relevant personnel (as required under the HASAW Act).

Competent Person Service


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 under Reg (7) requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in health and safety management.

We offer a Competent Person Service.    

We will be your designated “Competent Person”. This is a low cost high value service.  Annual use of this service will give you access to health and safety advice and support. This service is designed to support SMEs who do not employ a health and safety professional.

Services and products - Quality

Process and System Audits


Internal audit of systems and procedures is a valuable process that some organisations choose to outsource.  Using our vast experience in auditing we can support your business to carry out thorough, effective and efficient audits. We can support you in developing an audit schedule, format and documentation. In addition, we will use any audit processes and documentation you have in place. 

Operational Manuals


For many businesses operational manuals are a crucial set of documents. Operational manuals will improve continuity, can be used as a training aid and ensure quality through standardisation. However, creating such manuals can be daunting and time consuming. We can take away the hassle by writing this for you. We also have a tried and tested document control process that we would highly recommend.

Policies and Procedures


Policies and procedures will help a business to document their aims and how they will be achieved. They are a useful tool for communicating a company’s aims, standards and expectations to staff, customers and contractors. We are able to offer a policy and procedure writing service for your business.